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Sana Shaikh
VIT, Vellore

Great app & UI, I got my first internship here at a startup. Happy to be part of the community

Vikas Chawla
SRM University

I feel that this is a great platform for people like me who are college students and want to learn and explore new skills and enhance them.

MD Kaif

It is a really great platform for students to connect with like minded people from all over the country. The whole interface is really smooth.

Soham Dani

The app is amongst the top in its class. It does an amazing job of connecting people from various locations, interests, jobs at one single place

Jimmy Sherwal
MNIT, Jaipur

It is a really good app for the students. It covers many areas like art and design, photography, music, meme, etc and allows students to show their potentials.

Ravi Bajwa

I found this app very interesting like it has everything a college student needs, from startups, internships to sports, music, memes. Everyone can choose their kind of interest. Overall a great app.

Prachi Shree
XLRI, Jamshedpur

A really helpful application, it helped me in making a lot of connections and the various rooms for interactive sessions widened my knowledge in my areas of interests.

Jestine Johnson
COEP, Pune

I got an opportunity to go through this app because of my friend who was part of a contest . Its really appreciative to see such initiatives put forth from students all over the internet.

Aastha Joshi
Kalinga Institute

It's a great app as it helps me connect well with my peers, especially the ones with similar interests. It helps me a lot as I know where to seek advices. And the quizzes are very interesting too!😊

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